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Alliance benefits to martial arts school owners and instructors.

A primary motivation for starting this alliance is the connections to other martial arts school owners.  Through our connections, members can ask questions, consult, and give/seek input to common school management and instructional questions.

Additionally, the collective power that comes from an alliance of martial arts schools will allow us to use that power to secure better prices and deals on a variety of common school purchases.  By establishing agreements with insurance and martial arts equipment and uniform sellers, we should be able to lower the costs for such purchases to member schools AND increase sales and revenues for partner companies.

Our alliance will also build audiences for seminars, workshops, tournaments, and special events put on by member schools.  By offering reduced admission and participation rates to students at alliance member schools, we can use our association to provide more and different training opportunities to our students than we could as single and individual schools.

Also, our alliance will permit us to work together to collaboratively develop and award certifications of school quality and member rank.


Visit our discussion forum to ask and answer questions and to discuss issues important to martial arts school owners and instructors.  Click here.

Visit the websites of our partner companies for a variety of special deals and savings opportunities for your school.  Click here.
To learn more about TMAA school accreditation and the awarding of member rank, click here.  (coming soon)