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An alliance of independent martial arts school owners and instructors.

There is a lot of freedom that comes with running an independent martial arts school.  The freedom to set your own mission and direction, the freedom to teach what you feel is most important, the freedom to design and manage your programs, and the freedom to make your own decisions on the best ways to run your school and help your students.  Freedom is good.

Association and affiliation with others who do the similar things and face similar issues can also be beneficial.  Receiving consultation on curriculum, instruction, student, and business issues can be a welcome resource for those of us who do it all on our own.  From things as simple as suggestions for floor selection and cleaning, to training gear/equipment choices, to methods of advertising and promotion, martial arts school owners and instructors face a wide variety of practical decisions every day.  They also deal with issues of liability, insurance, safety, and budgeting--not to mention figuring out ways of generating necessary revenue and controlling costs.

In an industry and culture obsessed with rank and promotion, it is also important to be a part of a group that can objectively, impartially, and meaningfully accredit schools/programs and assess and award instructor (dan) rank across multiple martial arts styles and disciplines.

After hours and hours of scanning the Internet for legitimate and respectable-looking associations for independent martial arts school owners and instructors, I came to realize that something different and more specific is needed in our field. 

Texas Martial Arts Alliance is a free and voluntary association of independent martial arts school owners who seek consultation and support from fellow school owners and instructors. offers half-price web hosting plus $25 setup fee for TMAA members.

Stephens offers discounts on your school signage, stamp, and awards needs.

Martial Arts Products, LLC offers TMAA schools wholesale accounts and discounts on shipping.


*Established March, 2013*