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Alliance school owners and instructors.

The owners and instructors of the following schools have committed themselves to working together to improve their schools, through association and cooperation with other professionals across multiple martial arts styles.

Benavides Xtreme Martial Arts
Abilene, Texas
Michael Benavidas
Ki Do Kai Kempo, Kajukembo

Ki Do Kai Kempo of Texas
Merkel, Texas
J. R. Caldwell
Ki Do Kai Kempo, Kajukembo


Kick Fitness Martial Arts
Plano, Texas
Kyle Miller
Ki Do Kai Kempo, Kajukembo

Texas Martial Arts Center, LLC
Abilene, Texas
Coleman Patterson, Lou Ivie, Josh Fry, Lynn Young
Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo, Isshin Ryu, Fencing