As a black belt, you have proven yourself to be someone who strives to achieve unusual and exceptional things.  The dedication, sacrifice, devotion, and investment required to earn your black belt tells that you have a strong work ethic, sense of mission, and passion for your art.  Those are characteristics that we want to teach and emulate to the students in our programs.

We value the richness that comes from diversity.  Each martial arts style is based on different principles and philosophies.  Training and expertise in multiple styles will add to the skills and knowledge of all students.  We want black belts from a variety of traditional styles who possess a passion for family and fitness-oriented martial arts training to be involved in our programs.

At TMAC, we want to introduce family and fitness-oriented martial arts training to as many people as possible.  To do that, we must grow the number of instructors and program leaders in our school.  Most traditional schools require their instructors to have worked their ways up through the ranks of their own particular schools and style.  We believe that it is possible to create a martial arts school comprised of instructors and practitioners of many different styles. By collaborating, cooperating, and not being concerned about stealing students from each other, we can create a new type of school--a true mixed martial arts school.

We currently have instructors with black belts in kajukenbo, tae kwon do, american karate, and isshin-ryu karate.  This diversity has allowed us to truly become a "martial arts center" more so than just a school devoted to a single style. 

As a black belt at TMAC, you will help influence and shape the programs at our school.  Benefits include:

  1. Receive tuition discounts for training.

  2. Receive tuition waivers for helping teach classes in our existing programs (assist in two classes per week or teach one per week) or starting your own program.

  3. Learn teaching skills from other black belt instructors.

  4. Get paid to lead "Special Programs" classes at TMAC.

  5. Receive assistance starting satellite programs.

Call, e-mail, or stop by to learn more about ways to become involved with our programs and to share your love of the martial arts with others.  And yes, this breaks the mold of what most schools do--and that's cool.



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