Visitors and beginning students are welcome to attend their first classes wearing loose, comfortable clothing (shorts are not recommended).  A traditional martial arts uniform is recommended as well as a pair of boxing gloves.  Ladies should wear a t-shirt or appropriate undergarment under their uniform top.  Sparring gear will be required starting at the yellow belt level. 

Uniforms (children through adult sizes) for the karate and kajukenbo classes can be purchased from the class instructor at discounted prices.

Students enrolled in the judo class are encouraged to purchase a judo uniform.  These uniforms are designed for the pulling, grabbing, and wear-and-tear of judo.

In addition to uniforms, students are also encouraged to purchase their own sets for forearm and shin/instep pads for sparring.  Boxing gloves, head gear, and a chest protector should also be acquired over time (we have all of this gear available for use free of charge, but most students wish to use their own).

We purchase our uniforms, belts, and training equipment from Century, Karate Depot, and Tiger Claw.



We have gear from sizes extra small to extra large--use is included in the monthly tuition. 

Advanced students should plan to purchase their own electric epees (with body cord) and practice sabers.  For those who are interested in participating in tournaments, additional gear (e.g., two electric weapons and body cords, plastron, lame, chest protector, knickers, socks, shoes, etc.) will be required.

Our fencing gear was purchased from Absolute Fencing in New Jersey.  We have been very pleased with their prices, products, and customer service.  We also have a club account with Physical Chess--be sure to check them out as well.   



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