Our martial arts programs offer people opportunities to set and achieve goals, develop strong and healthy bodies, interact closely with classmates, and support and encourage each other in a caring and positive environment. 

We teach with the premise that every student wants to excel and to reach their maximum potential.  You won't find intimidation, fear, and punishment as tools of instruction in our program.  Rather, you will sweat, work hard, and develop martial arts skills in a creative, fun, motivating, and collegial environment.

Our padded, martial arts workout floors offer plenty of space and comfort to practice floor exercises, partner drills, sparring, and training drills.  We have a great collection of free-standing heavy bags, kicking shields, forearm shields, hand targets, chest protectors, forearm pads, shin pads, and headgear.  We are a technique and power school (no air-only training at TMAC).  You will train on equipment and practice with partners to develop fast and powerful techniques and build self confidence.  

In a society where opportunities for fitness and fellowship with family and close friends is sometimes difficult to find, our martial arts classes provide the perfect remedy.



Texas Martial Arts Center, LLC
1174 Butternut Street
Abilene, Texas 79602