Students are encouraged to train hard and test for belt promotions.  Promoting to higher belt levels will allow you to learn and master new skills.  Individual and family TMAC membership allow students to train and promote in any of the styles offered in our school.  Each style will have its own testing requirements and schedules.  

At each rank, students should show marked improvement in skill, application, and fitness over personal performance at lower ranks.  Rank progression is cumulative in nature--students at higher ranks are responsible for proficiency in the techniques required at lower ranks.

Tae Kwon Do Program

Tae Kwon Do Belt Ranks: White, Yellow, Orange, Green (two levels), Blue (two levels), brown (three levels), Black. 

Tae Kwon Do rank requirements
Tae Kwon Do one steps
Tae Kwon Do forms

Kajukenbo Program

Students in our kajukembo program test for rank throughout the year in formal and class settings at the discretion of the instructor.  Testing fees are $15 for the kajukenbo program--and include a certificate and new belt.

Judo/Jujitsu-Weapons Class

At the current time, we do not offer a full-blown judo/jujitsu program--simply a bi-weekly class.  Students may either wear their karate or kajukenbo belts or white belts to class.  



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