The study and practice of all martial arts is based on respect and courtesy.  The following lists describe basic etiquette, expectations, and rules of behavior for all students—and instructors.

Martial Arts


  1. Students will address the instructors and seniors as “Ma’am” and “Sir.”

  2. Students will be supportive and encouraging to others in class.

  3. Students will welcome and greet each other and meet new students.

  4. Students will perform proper technique, but take exceptional care not to hurt each other and lend a hand to help each other off the floor.


  1. Students will keep their uniforms clean.

  2. Students will maintain proper personal hygiene.

  3. Students will not engage in excessive personal discussion while in class.

  4. Students will work hard and give their best in every class and exercise.


  1. Students will bow when entering and leaving the work-out area.

  2. Students will carry their belts to and from class—putting them on only to train.  Students should not wash their belts--the sweat, wear, and tear on your belt is a sign of your hard work.  Keep belts from getting dirty, but do not wash them.

  3. Students will line up from highest rank to lowest rank at the beginning of each class to bow in and out.   The highest-ranking student will lead the class in bowing.

  4. Students will arrive on time and leave when the class is over (permission to enter a class in-progress or leave early must be granted from the instructor).

  5. Students will not lean against the wall or bags during class.  They will not sit or lie on the floor during class.

  6. During water breaks, students will drink from the water fountain in reverse order of belt--the newest students will drink first.

  7. While classes are in session, only those students who are in class should be on the padded floor.  Consider the floor as our classroom--stay off the floor until the class ends.

  8. Watches, rings, and jewelry should be removed before class to prevent injury to fellow students. 

  9. Inappropriate aggression and/or physical contact will not be permitted and are grounds for dismissal from the program—we are here to help each other, not hurt each other.

Fencing Rules

  1. Masks must be worn WHENEVER blades touch.
  2. Treat weapons like real weapons--hold them facing downwards, do not swing them around, be very aware of others.
  3. Treat equipment with respect--do not throw or drop equipment.  
  4. To protect our martial arts floor pads, wear official fencing shoes, socks, or go barefoot when fencing.  Try not to jab weapons into the floor mats.
  5. Hang up jackets when done with class and put away weapons.  Leave masks and chest protectors on the floor or wipe them down with disinfectant wipes and place back on shelf/bucket.
  6. Horseplay and inappropriate aggression will not be permitted and are grounds for dismissal from the program—we are here to help each other, not hurt each other.


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